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June 18, 2019

Finally, I got an article published by Community Care Review to highlight the importance of counselling for older adults. While I attempt to make a case for community counsellors,  I also recognise that some people need access to a range of mental health professionals....

June 4, 2019

Today I attended the NSW Volunteering Conference where some presentations inspired. Among some messages I heard was the notion of values and its alignment with a service. I recognised that among the few key reasons I volunteer as a counsellor is that I want to offer HO...

April 18, 2019

The following is selected content from an AAA article:


Australian Ageing Agency recently reported that Australian Institute of Health and Welfar...

April 11, 2019

The recent Inquiry into Mental Health appears to consider mental health in relation to economic participation, productivity and economic growth. However, older people, long retired and economically unproductive (except they may volunteer), may experience poor mental he...

March 29, 2019

I introduced a group of older adults to the notion of art therapy as a way to explore emotions and experiences of ageing. The group came up with this in 20 minutes as they recalled happy memories of holidays, family, calmness, long distant friendships but also sadness...

March 18, 2019

An investigation by BACP (UK) identified, through its members,  that older people faced barriers in accessing therapy in Northern Irelend (area-specific investigation). Barriers ranged from inconsistency in referral from GPs to difficulties with mobility and access to...

March 18, 2019

As of late Feb 2019, I can now provide counselling, as a therapeutic support, to people in the NDIS system. Counselling for people 18+ opens up opportunities to be supported through training, work, other therapeutic interventions, relationship challenges, housing, agei...

January 11, 2019

We're now 11 days into 2019. I didn't start out with many resolutions. Just one... remain in work. The rollover forced me to consider new options. I am in the process of registering as a NDIS provider and if successful, will be able to support people with a disability...

November 27, 2018

I'm a Queen fan so I thought I'd share part of the song that's a fit for the reason to just talk to someone! 

Pressure pushing down on me
Pressing down on you no man ask for
Under pressure... that burns a building down
Splits a family in two
Puts people on streets

November 7, 2018

Dementia is a disease that causes upheaval not only for the person but their network of support. It appears that, according to Craig Ritchie, Professor of Psychiatry & Ageing at the University of Edinburgh, the fight to prevent Alzheimer’s disease needs to start at mid...

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June 4, 2019

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