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Rising depression in older people

The following is selected content from an AAA article:

"Australian Ageing Agency recently reported that Australian Institute of Health and Welfare's new report indicated the majority of aged care residents are diagnosed with at least one mental health or behavioural condition. In 2017-18, almost half of residents were diagnosed with depression (49 per cent), up from 47 per cent in 2016-17 and 46 per cent in 2015-16".

My comment to the article is as follows:

A move to residential care and possibly acceptance of end of life or the existential struggles of dependence is more likely to contribute to depression among older residents. I think there’s a difference in the rates of depression (no evidence as an unexplored area) between users of aged care services. I hope we can start to look at the area of mental health in all Government subsidised aged care services so that people get to live the best possible life! I am excited that older people’s mental health (not dementia) is getting more traction these days.


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