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Today I attended the NSW Volunteering Conference where some presentations inspired. Among some messages I heard was the notion of values and its alignment with a service. I recognised that among the few key reasons I volunteer as a counsellor is that I want to offer HOPE to others through my skills. Other ways of supporting people is through my LOVE OF LEARNING as ongoing participation in workshops about Grief & Loss, and online counselling (to be offered after Aug 2019).


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The NDIS price list is updated at least twice a year. The last update was in December 2019. The costs for counselling are as follows. Whether NDIS or non-NDIS, my fee for service is typically lower th

Got Medibank cover 🥳

As of 15 July, I am a Medibank Recognised Provider of COUNSELLING services at a registered address. If your level of cover includes counselling, feel free to contact me. #carolinecounselling #counsell

Expanding searches 🔎

Although an increasingly expensive exercise to get noticed, I believe that counselling is a valid service for NDIS participants who choose this option. You can now find me HERE. Keyword: counselling.

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