Creative older people

I introduced a group of older adults to the notion of art therapy as a way to explore emotions and experiences of ageing. The group came up with this in 20 minutes as they recalled happy memories of holidays, family, calmness, long distant friendships but also sadness about the illness of close friends, Art therapy even at its introductory level has the potential for people to look at the good things that happen in their life and the existential crises from loss of friendships. #carolinecounselling #counsellingforchange #olderpeople #inspiration

The fight for counselling for older people

An investigation by BACP (UK) identified, through its members, that older people faced barriers in accessing therapy in Northern Ireland (area-specific investigation). Barriers ranged from inconsistency in referral from GPs to difficulties with mobility and access to transport, from an over-reliance on medication for common mental health problems to the fear of the unknown. The research, according to BACP, suggests that counselling and psychotherapy are effective interventions for older people experiencing psychological distress, particularly anxiety and depression, with outcomes being equivalent to that of younger people. Certainly in Sydney, Australia there is little focus on counselling

NDIS support

As of late Feb 2019, I can now provide counselling, as a therapeutic support, to people in the NDIS system. Counselling for people 18+ opens up opportunities to be supported through training, work, other therapeutic interventions, relationship challenges, housing, ageing and so on. I can be found through the NDIS Portal. This is good news for both a Provider and Participants. #carolinecounselling #counsellingforchange #NDIS #updates