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ABN: 15 795 724 534

Single session therapy is an opportunity to experience one session with a counsellor. It may be useful when there is a specific problem that needs to be explored or discussed with someone other than family or friend. Single therapy session involves:


  • Brief questionnaire about your concerns

  • 90 minute face-to-face session (at home or a mutual place)

  • Follow up phone call about 2 weeks later to discuss the concern and about further support

  • No commitment to ongoing sessions, if that’s your choice

  • Opportunity to still meet for one-off sessions

  • Cost between $120-150/session (paid at session)


When can I see a counsellor?

Generally, weekends or other times by appointment.


How do I make an appointment?

You can contact me on 0402 596 813 or crrcounsel@gmail.com.