Another way to find NDIS providers

A colleague who works for the NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission advised her LinkedIn audience that providers were searchable on the Commission's website. So I tested it.. and was really surprised that the search function was flexible. I put in 'counselling' and got 224 providers across Australia. It's one way to validate claims by providers. Test it HERE

Online Therapy

The internet has opened all kinds of communication (emails, chat rooms, and instant messaging services) and information sources about mental health and treatment including counselling. Online counselling poses some challenges and opportunities for both the client and therapist. It is a valid therapeutic tool that is cautiously offered under exceptional circumstances. ​ Read MORE about the pros and cons of online counselling

Allied Health talk about their mental health before helping older adults

I am impressed with this resource that tells the stories of allied health professionals grappling with mental health challenges at different times in their life. Rather than being the 'experts', they channel their experiences to help others by demystifying mental illness and starting new conversations. I came to counselling because of family experiences. Till then, ABC's All in the Mind was uninteresting. But now I can't resist listening to the program's podcasts. My interests diverted as I gained more knowledge but essentially focus is counselling + older adults, whatever 'older' means. Read more HERE #carolinecounselling #counsellingforchange #resources

Redesign of the aged care system

The Royal Commission received a number of submissions on the redesign of the aged care system, following a request for submissions made by the Commissioners in Consultation Paper 1. Well, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to argue for counsellors and the value of counselling in the aged care space. I highlighted the contradictory processes that exist in the aged + disability service system. I am a recognised counsellor in the disability system but given no recognition in the aged care system. Visibility is important and we need to stand up for counsellors as valued professionals among our mental health peers. Read more HERE #carolinecounselling #counsellingforchange #agedcare #olderpeopl

NDIS price update

The NDIS price list is updated at least twice a year. The last update was in December 2019. The costs for counselling are as follows. Whether NDIS or non-NDIS, my fee for service is typically lower than the suggested price. Individual Counselling ($156.16) Facilitating self-knowledge, emotional acceptance and growth and the optimal development of personal resources on a one to one basis. Assist participants to work towards their personal goals and gain greater insight into their lives. Counselling Group - Group Of 3 ($52.05) Facilitating self-knowledge, emotional acceptance and growth and the optimal development of personal resources through a group session. Assisting participants to gain th

Look up for brain benefits

While waiting for my morning coffee at Chatswood or travelling a mere 14 minutes on the metro, I am both amused and dismayed by the number of people with eyes down on a device. I try not to sit so that I can observe, gaze into the distance or catch some shuteye. I recently read that looking up from a device has benefits. Strike a conversation, gaze into the distance or remain in mobile phone world. Each action has a very different neurophysiological effect on you, according to Fiona Kerr from the Neurotech Institute. "If you talk to someone else in the line ... we start this lovely chemical cocktail when we interact," she said. "Even if you don't know them, we start various parts of the brai