Confused about who to see for your mental health issues?

Where do you begin and who is who in the MH zoo? The distinction between the work of a psychologist and counsellor can be muddied especially for the latter with substantial experience but not the same advantage of a psych. The content is from an ABC article [LINK]. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialise in diagnosing and treating mental illness.They tend to treat complex and serious mental illness, and have a deep understanding of physical and mental health, and how they affect each other. Psychologists are experts in human behaviour. They use scientific methods to study the factors that influence the way we think, feel, learn and behave. Psychologists work in a variety of settings

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Although an increasingly expensive exercise to get noticed, I believe that counselling is a valid service for NDIS participants who choose this option. You can now find me HERE. Keyword: counselling. Postcode: 2118. Other options of course are the NDIS Provider List but that's exhaustingly difficult. #carolinecounselling #counsellingforchange #increasedvisibility #NDIS

Psychiatry for the future

RN's All in the Mind explored psychiatry, slightly out of my area of interest. But this is what I got out of the podcast. There's the sense that psychiatry needs to change That digital phenotyping (the way smartphones can track our activity or lack of) offers the possibility to use our behaviours as a way to monitor ourselves and for other people to observe environmental impacts on behaviours, and our responses to particular incidences. The program also identified that relationships are critical, "the real meat of mental health... both in terms of where our problems come from and how they are solved", and that we live in the social world of interactions. Finally, one of the guests stated tha